Our district insures all property and against liability with Brotherhood Mutual Insurance through American Church Group

Agent Information:

Louis Shakkour
American Church Group of NY
40 Pavonia Street
Buffalo, New York 14207

Email:  louis@americanchurchgroup.com
Fax:  717.763.5517
Cell: 585.880.1374

  • If you are experiencing any form of insurance need whether you have a claim, need a certificate of insurance, or just have a question, please call 1.800.326.7200 M-F, 9-5, and ask for Pete Hnylansky or Lori Heenan. If neither is available, just ask for anyone in the office and they will assist you.
  • If you need assistance after hours or cannot get a hold of anyone at the office, please call Louis Shakkour on his cell at 585.880.1374. Please call the office first.
  • If you need Legal Assistance from Brotherhood Mutual’s corporate lawyers, please visit this website and follow the instructions on the page. http://www.brotherhoodmutual.com/safetycentral/legalAssistance/default.htm

Insurance Changes:

If you have any of the following changes to your property or buildings, call Pete Hnylansky or Lori Heenan at 1.800.326.7200:

  • New Construction
  • Purchase or sale of property/buildings
  • Demolition of buildings
  • Add a vehicle

Proof of Insurance:

If you need specific insurance riders or proof of insurance certificates, call Pete Hnylansky or Lori Heenan at 1.800.326.7200.