Credentialing Candidates
  1. LBA Application for Recommendation (Give to your pastor)
  2. Local Board Initial Recommendation (Pastor sends to District)
  3. Enroll with Education and Clergy Development (ECD)
  4. Look for the email from ECD explaining how to send your educational transcripts for review. Only official transcripts are accepted.
  5. DBMD #1 – Personal Data Inventory (to be completed before your first interview)
Subsequent Year Students

[Students who have previously met with the DBMD]

DBMD #3 (Online only) (Do not submit old copies of this form as the questions have been updated)

Annual Recommendation from your church  



Licensed Minister

Becoming a Licensed Minister involves several components:

  1. The Ministerial Student meets all the educational requirements for licensing in The Wesleyan Church.
  2. The local church verifies the minister has a pastoral position in the church and recommends him/her as a Licensed Minister. SAMPLE LETTER FOR Local Church Recommendation for Licensed Minister
  3. The DBMD recommends the person for licensing.
  4. The District Conference gives final approval for licensing in the District.
Supervised Ministry

Supervised Ministry is an education requirement carried out through residencies, internships, practicums, district mentoring programs, pastor/staff mentoring or approved supervised ministry education requirements. It may be completed concurrently with Ministry Training Programs or after their completion.Those in Approved Education Pathway degree programs typically meet the Supervised Ministry requirements within the program. Although it can and often is completed concurrent to the two-year service requirement (e.g., under qualifying appointment as a licensed minister), it is a separate education requirement.

Enroll in the Supervised Ministry course at Kingswood Extended:


Ordination Forms

[Candidates for Ordination – Educationally certified and invited for ordination interview]

Ordination Application

Ordination Reference Form

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