JOEY JENNINGS3Dr. Joseph W. Jennings
District Superintendent

PHOTO Dunmire, Steve DunmireDr. Steven L. Dunmire, Assistant District Superintendent
Ministry Resources Director, Houghton College

Robin George (647x800)Rev. Robin W. George
DBMD Secretary

Pastor, Brookside Wesleyan Church, Wellsville, NY

JasonShambachRev. Jason Shambach, Ministerial Member 2019
DBMD Vice Chair, 2021
Pastor, Valley Wesleyan Church, Canaseraga, NY

Rev. Kevin Beers, Ministerial Member 2019
Campus Pastor, Watermark Wesleyan Church
Southcreek Campus

Judy Hilliker
Lay Member
Christ Chapel Wesleyan Church

Rev. Dr. Dan Jones
Ministerial Member, 2020
Wesleyan Church of Orchard Park

Rev. Dr. Mike Jordan
Ministerial Member, 2019
Houghton College Dean of the Chapel

Sue McClain
Lay Member, 2019

Dr. Terence Paige
Professor of New Testament
Houghton College

Jan Stanton
Lay Member, 2019
Big Tree Wesleyan Church

Rev. Karen Tucker
Ministerial Member, 2021
Pastor, Ashwood Wesleyan Church

Jane Wright
Lay Member, 2020
Forestville Wesleyan Church

Dr. Paul Young
Lay Member, 2021
Chair, Department of Psychology
Houghton College