Ministerial Student Candidates
  1. Application for Recommendation (Give to your pastor)
  2. Local Board Initial Recommendation (Pastor sends to District)
First Year Students
  1. [Students who have been approved by their Local Church Board and have been recommended to the DBMD, but have not had the first DBMD interview.]
    1. DBMD #1 (Personal Data Inventory)
    2. DBMD #2 (References) Submit 3 Download Here
    3. Enroll with the Department of Education and Clergy Development (Wesleyan Headquarters)

    Mail or email the above forms to the District Office:

    The Wesleyan Church
    4669 Pinecrest Terrace
    Eden, NY 14057

Subsequent Year Students

[Students who have previously met with the DBMD]

  1. DBMD #3 (Online only) (Do not submit old copies of this form as the questions have been updated)
  2. Local Board of Administration Recommendation Letter (Ask your pastor to submit this annually.)