Ministerial Student Candidates
  1. Application for Recommendation (Give to your pastor)
  2. Local Board Initial Recommendation (Pastor sends to District)
First Year Students

Students who have been approved by their Local Church Board and have been recommended to the DBMD, but have not had the first DBMD interview.

  1. DBMD #1 (Personal Data Inventory – Online form)
  2. Initial Reference Form  (DBMD #2) –  Submit 3
  3. Enroll with the Department of Education and Clergy Development (Wesleyan Headquarters)

Mail or email the reference forms to the District Office:

Western New York District of The Wesleyan Church
4669 Pinecrest Terrace
Eden, NY 14057

Subsequent Year Students
[Students who have previously met with the DBMD]

  1. DBMD #3 (Online only) (Do not submit old copies of this form as the questions have been updated)
  2. Local Board of Administration Recommendation Letter (Ask your pastor to submit this annually.)
Ordination Forms
[Candidates for Ordination – Educationally certified and invited for ordination interview]

Ordination Application

Ordination Reference Form