1. THE LOCAL CHURCH LEVEL – Meet with your pastor and discuss your call to the ministry. Go over the different tracks of ministry in the Wesleyan Church. Check with your pastor to make sure that your Membership in your local Wesleyan Church is current. Fill out the Application for Recommendation and give it to your pastor for your interview with the Local Board of Administration of your church. If you are pursuing Ordination, Commissioning or Special Worker status you must receive a recommendation from your Local Church Conference (or Local Board if so authorized) to the district for licensing as a ministerial student. Your LBA will need to submit the LBA INITIAL RECOMMENDATION to the District Office which will begin the process of being registered with the DBMD (District Board of Ministerial Development). [If you are a Lay Minister then you need the vote of the LBA to become a licensed Lay Minister and you do not need to report to the district.]
  2. THE DISTRICT LEVEL – Meet with your District Board of Ministerial Development (DBMD – Ordination, Commissioning or Special Worker only). They will interview you and counsel with you on the best course of action to take in your academic training for ministry. Contact your DBMD Coordinator to set up an interview date.
  3. THE GENERAL CHURCH LEVEL – Enroll with the Education and the Clergy Development Division online here<https://secure.wesleyan.org/em/enroll>. This enrollment is crucial to your ministerial preparation process. You must have a file established in the Education and Clergy Development Division so that reports can be given to your district showing your progress toward your intended credential goal. To be ordained, commissioned or licensed in the Wesleyan Church, your district must have certification from the ECD Division. The enrollment fee is $20 and is paid when you complete the form online. This $20 enrollment fee is waived if you have or are currently attending a Wesleyan College/University or one of our seven Wesleyan Church approved seminaries.  When you enroll with the ECD, you will gain online access to your student transcript, so you can view it at any time.
  4. THE ACADEMIC LEVEL – The tracks of ministry defined in Tracks Of Ministry In The Wesleyan Church each have a set of academic standards. All tracks have a set of specific required training courses that will help to prepare the individual for the many different tasks and opportunities of day to day ministry. When those academic requirements have been satisfied, the individual is then certified as having completed the academic requirements for that particular track of ministry. The certification report is also forwarded on to your district. The district has the actual authority to ordain, commission or license (except for Lay Minister who is licensed by their local church). A complete outline of the academic requirements for each of the ministerial tracks is available HERE.