“Foundations” is an interactive discipleship study designed for the new Christian.

Because new Christians have so many questions and need to know so many things in their first few weeks with Christ, imagine the impact if they were discipled by a more seasoned Christian.  And pastor, these lessons can easily be taught by a member of your congregation!  In other words… this doesn’t have to be you!

The eight lessons are: Knowing You’re Saved, Reading The Bible, Communicating With God (Prayer), Handling Temptation, Experiencing Forgiveness, Becoming Spirit-Filled, Making Right Decisions, and Benefiting From Adversity.  Each lesson offers both a teacher’s and student guide.  These lessons could be taught as a “New Believer’s” class or in one-on-one situations.

There is also a handout, “So You’re A Christian… Now What?” highlighting a number of things that the new Christian should be made aware of right away.  I would copy some of these, and keep them available to give the new Christian.

Compiled and edited by Rev. Neil Koppen

Now What?