Our district insures its workers with Brotherhood Mutual Insurance through American Church Group

Agent Information:

Louis Shakkour
American Church Group of NY
40 Pavonia Street
Buffalo, New York, 14207

Email:  louis@americanchurchgroup.com
Fax: 717.763.5517

Claim Procedures:

If you experience an injury that you suspect is work related, call Brotherhood Mutual’s claim representatives immediately at 1.800.326.7200, Ext.108.

Annual Worker’s Compensation Audit (Payroll Reporting):

Each year the district must report a master list of church payrolls to our insurance carrier for Worker’s Comp. To accomplish this, churches must send their payroll data to the district by the policy renewal date (September 28th).

Please send your payroll information to our District Insurance Secretary:

Cathy Kelley
7282 State Route 305
Belfast, New York 14711

If you have questions call her at 585-365-2889.

Below are the two things that local church treasurers will need to complete the church’s audit on time:

New York Worker’s Compensation Board Letter:

If you have received a letter from the New York Worker’s Compensation Board stating that your Worker’s Comp insurance has lapsed, you can click on the mock-up letter below to see how to fill out the information they need to confirm that your policy has been renewed.

Be sure and make a copy of your forms before you send them off to Albany.