Houghton Academy, a Christian college-preparatory boarding and day school located in Western New York, has announced the creation of several scholarships for families who attend a Wesleyan church in the Western New York District. Additionally, Houghton Academy is pleased to announce its online learning platform—Houghton Academy Online.

The scholarships, developed by Jon Keith, the Admissions Director at the Academy, include the “Wesleyan Church Scholarship,” worth 50% off the regular boarding tuition price, and the “Wesleyan Pastor’s Scholarship,” worth an additional $5,000 for the child of any pastor of a Wesleyan church.

“The COVID-19 pandemic has created a unique opportunity for us to partner with families in Wesleyan churches,” said Keith. “Seats normally filled by international students are now open, and we want to encourage Wesleyan families to consider boarding school as an option for their children’s education—we don’t want money to stand in the way of parents exploring this option.”

The Academy’s offerings include a safe, small-town environment, an excellent academic program, AP & dual enrollment courses, opportunities to attend classes at Houghton College, small class sizes, individualized attention, godly role model teachers, numerous clubs and organizations, and interscholastic sports.

“Our boarding program has a rich history of preparing students for their next steps,” commented Keith. “I look forward to speaking to anyone exploring boarding school for their child’s education.”

For students and families looking for an online program, the Academy encourages families to explore Houghton Academy Online. HA Online will extend, beyond geographic limitations, the Christian college-preparatory education that Houghton Academy has offered for over 137 years. Developed in partnership with K12, HA Online will provide a traditional academic course of study for students in grades 9-12, and includes advanced placement and dual enrollment courses. Students will also have the opportunity to jumpstart their future with industry-relevant, career-focused electives to help them gain real-world skills. Classes are taught by teachers hired directly by Academy administration, and align with the main campus curriculum and core beliefs.

Houghton Academy was founded in 1883 by Willard J. Houghton as the Houghton Wesleyan Methodist Seminary. Out of the seminary grew Houghton College, and in 1955 the Academy and College became two separate institutions. Since the separation, we have maintained close relationships with both Houghton College and the Wesleyan Church.

For more information, visit houghtonacademy.org and haonline.org. For inquiries about scholarship information, contact Jon Keith directly at 630-450-1227 or by email at jon.keith@houghton.academy