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WNY District Local Outreach Resource – Do you have a local outreach you are serving through your church?  The WNY District Mission Board is interested in creating a resource of all the outreaches in the WNY District to share with each other. Marcus Dean has offered to put together a list of what our district churches are doing regarding their local outreaches.
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WNY District Disaster Relief Mission Team. (DRMT) We see and read about natural disaster causing havoc in cities, destroying people home, lives and dreams. Do you want to be a responder to help people put the pieces of their life back together?  We are organizing opportunities and Mission Trips to respond to hurricanes and other natural disasters. It may be as a first responder trip to clear out debris or it may be later to help with rebuilding the community.  Skilled and non-skilled volunteers are welcome. If you or if someone in your church wants to be notified by email when WNY District Disaster Relief Team trips are being formed
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WNY District Rapid Response Team (RRT) – Let’s create a local team of RRT Chaplains of Pastors and lay people in your church. The Billy Graham Rapid Response Team train’s God’s people for grief ministry and deploys crisis-trained chaplains to provide emotional and spiritual care to those affected by man-made or natural disasters.

RRT Chaplaincy Training begins by filling out The Billy Graham Association application on their website. https://billygraham.org/what-we-do/evangelism-outreach/rapid-response-team/chaplaincy/

The Billy Graham Association reviews the applications and conducts a phone interview this process can take up to 12 weeks to complete. A background check is required ($40). Once accepted you have 2 years to complete the Billy Graham Association Training ($75) classes.  Here is a video: https://billygraham.org/what-we-do/evangelism-outreach/rapid-response-team/about/

Alternate training for the Billy Graham Association RRT training can be done through:

As a Rapid Response Team chaplain, you will be invited to deploy according to your availability, as needed by RRT for disaster response. Your commitment is to be deployed at least 1 week every two years.
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The Canaan Haiti Project: A village partnership with The Wesleyan Church in Haiti, Global Partners missionaries and World Hope International. We will partner with the newly planted Wesleyan church. Canaan is home to 5,000 people. These families were severely affected by the earthquake in 2010. Their former homes were destroyed. Unable to rebuild, many became part of tent cities. Many moved to Canaan after the government granted them a small piece of land to rebuild. These families are poor and have little or no resources to live, never mind rebuild. One of the biggest challenges is the limited access to water. Additionally, only a few families own latrines.


The Canaan Wesleyan Church is led by Pastor Leah. Despite the lack of resources, the church provides the following activities: Sunday services, weekly services, Bible studies, children’s activities, and home visits for prayers. Many families cannot afford the modest cost of school. Pastor Leah’s dream is to build a school to educate the village children.

WNY District is committed to improving our village partnership by raising $70,000 per year for four years. Imagine if we reach our goal with God’s help we can improve the life of these men, women and children.  Our action will demonstrate the love of Christ, Pastor Leah will share the Love of Christ. Let’s prayer as we demonstrate Christ by word and deed many in the Village will commit to personal relationship and receive the Love of Christ.

The cost averages out to $10 per person/per year for every person who attends a Wesleyan Church. This just shows how little it will take to impact the community of 5,000 people

For your church to Financially participate in this Village partnership send your donations to WNY District of the Wesleyan Church, 4669 Pinecrest Terrace, Eden, NY 14057 or donate online HERE

Canaan Proposal – World Hope

Canaan Village Partnership Sheet

Canaan VP Report March 2022

WNY Canaan VP Report April 2022

Sponsor a Child in Canaan Through World Hope International – CONTACT WORLD HOPE

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