The pandemic has affected us all in ways we continue to discover. Many of our church ministries look very different today than they did two years ago. There are a lot of things missing. But it has given us an opportunity to be very intentional about rebuilding. Prayerfully answer the following questions as together we seek God's will for future ministry in the district, especially regarding District Conference.

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District Conference

After not having District Conference in 2020, we held an abbreviated conference this past June. To keep the conference to a very short time period meant some significant changes. The DBA has polled the pastors in the district and would also like to hear feedback from the district conference lay delegates about continuing with the shorter format.
Abbreviate Elections(Required)
A single master ballot requires the conference to agree on plurality elections. Votes would be counted after adjournment and announced post-conference.
Omit outside guest speakers(Required)
This year we excluded time on the conference floor for guest speakers from partner ministries, mission organizations and colleges. We shared information from these partners by including their info and videos on our conference web page and the conference packet.
Assuming a shorter (3 hour) format becomes the norm, which day/time would be your preference?

Omit Meal(Required)
This year lunch was not provided as conference business was over at 11:00 AM. How important is this fellowship time for you?