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District Conference will be held Saturday, June 19 at Eastern Hills Wesleyan Church
9:00 AM to 11:00 AM 
To keep the conference to our very short two hour timeframe, we are not able to include everything we would normally present to the conference delegates. Please take the time to review these materials on your own so that you can stay informed about what is happening in our district and denomination.

District Superintendent Acceptance Letter

Joey Jennings

Ministers and delegates of the WNY District,

Thank you for the confidence in voting to give me another term as your superintendent.  This is not just a job for me, but a fulfillment of my calling to strengthen the church and work to prepare us for revival.  

As I think about what I hope to accomplish in the next four years, it revolves around the primary purpose of a district. The role of the district is not to be front and center, but to play a supporting role. Ideally, the district and denomination would be a catalyst to help connect individual believers to serve a vibrant church around the globe. My role is primarily to strengthen and support pastors and to help the churches keep focused on this mission. 

So, in accepting this call, I make these commitments and seek God’s help to fulfill these goals.  To each pastor, I commit:

  • To pray for you.  I have placed each of you on my prayer list and it is my goal to pray for you every morning. 
  • To work to help you be healthy, balanced and growing in your walk with Christ.
  • To challenge and assist you to continue to develop your gifts and skills needed to pastor your congregation. 
  • To handle the ministry of the district with integrity and wisdom. 

While the work I do for the pastors is motivated by a desire to make the church strong, I also feel that my calling includes directly working with the churches, especially in seasons of transition or crisis. To the 34 churches of Western New York, I commit:

  • To keep you moving forward through seasons of pastoral transition,
  • To nurture those who feel called to pastoral ministry,
  • To hold all pastors accountable to live lives that are above reproach.
  • To cast a vision of how the churches can be working together to accomplish the mission of making disciples of all peoples.

I know I will need much help to accomplish the tasks of this office, so I also ask for your patience and your prayers as I seek to follow his direction.  

Your servant and leader,
Joey Jennings
District Superintendent

1 Minute Highlight Video

Baptism Video

Voting Results

Here are the results of the conference votes. Please keep these leaders in your prayers as they carry out the work of the church in our district:

  • District Superintendent – 4 year renewal of call for Dr. Joey Jennings
    • 128 – Favor
    • 6 – Do not favor
  • District Board of Administration Ministerial Members
    • Jason Argo
    • Ruth Strand
    • Michael Trippett
  • District Board of Administration Lay Members
    • Barb Hauck
    • Jason Mucher
    • Jun Zhuang
  • District Secretary
    • Robin George
  • General Conference Ministerial Delegates
    • Steve Dunmire
    • Kimberly Gladden
    • Dan Jones
  • General Conference Lay Delegates
    • Rick Fohl
    • Julie Palmer
    • Kim Pecora
    • Jun Zhuang
  • Nominating Committee Ministerial
    • Jason Argo
    • Rob Engler
  • Nominating Committee Lay
    • Leigh Meyers
    • Lisa Schmidt
  • Action Committee Ministerial
    • Kimberly Gladden
    • Dan Jones
  • Action Committee Lay
    • Barb Hauck
    • Daryl Stevenson
Watch Full Video of District Conference

Conference Packet

This conference packet will be printed and provided to you at conference. 

2021 District Conference Packet

Report of the District Superintendent
COVID Protocols for Conference

Dr. Joey Jennings explains our COVID protocols for District Conference: 

Lay Delegate Apportionment

Lay Delegate Apportionment 2021

In the Wesleyan Church the District Conference consists of equal representation of both clergy and laity. It is part of our Wesleyan heritage to keep this unity and balance in decision making. 

Wesleyan Discipline Paragraph 317
The General Conference shall organize the work at large into districts, which shall operate under its jurisdiction and promote the interests of the denomination, and whose voting membership shall include the following: All ordained ministers on the appointed, retired, reserve, and educational leave lists; licensed ministers elected to ordained minister’s status; all commissioned and licensed ministers serving as pastors of Wesleyan churches; all commissioned and licensed ministers serving as associate or assistant pastors of Wesleyan churches; members of the district board of administration who are not members by some other right; and lay delegates elected as provided in The Discipline. In addition the district conference shall include such nonvoting members as The Discipline shall provide. The principle of equal representation of the ministry and the laity in the district conference shall be maintained.

Global Partners

Global Partners Missional Resources

Missional Resource Links
1. NEXT Intern Opportunities | https://serve.globalpartnersonline.org/next
2. GoGlobal Booklet | https://www.globalpartnersonline.org/goglobal/
3. Missional Coaching | https://www.globalpartnersonline.org/resources/church-coaching/
4. Opportunities to Serve Globally | https://serve.globalpartnersonline.org/opportunities
5. Missionary Support | https://www.globalpartnersonline.org/donate



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Kingswood University

World Hope International

World Hope International

Over the past year, World Hope International has partnered with the Church and responded to disasters. We showed up in Michigan when the dams broke, in California and Oregon when forest fires swept through the mountains, in Louisiana and Central America when hurricanes destroyed homes. Now, World Hope is preparing for a new season by gathering supplies for a quick response when needed, holding disaster preparedness training events, and collecting names of individuals who would be willing to go and assist following a disaster. There’s always a role for churches in responding to disasters: the question today is, what’s your part going to be? World Hope International would love to count you as a partner in ministry. We hope you and your Church will partner with World Hope International in this new season.

The Gathering 2023

Save the Date

Church Leaders
Please encourage your pastors to attend by providing financial and practical support

USF Study

Celebrating 160 Years of Ordaining Women for Ministry

You may recognize some of the women in this collage!