Annual Reports

Checklist for All Credentialed Ministers

1. Annual Service Report (ASR)

The Annual Service Report is your responsibility as a credentialed minister in The Wesleyan Church. It is part of your accountability as a minister of the Gospel and is required to keep your credential in good standing. This is your personal report (not the church stats report), so you may not designate this report to anyone else. Annual Service Reports will be open for completion on April 3, 2023 and due no later than May 1.

Complete your ASR on the TWCHub Ministerial Community website TWCHub
If you have not logged in within the past 90 days, you will be required to reset your password. Your user name is your full email address.

2. Edit Profile

When you are logged in to the TWCHub Ministerial Community click on the “Edit Profile” button and update your profile information with The Wesleyan Church. This information is the primary means of communications with your district and denomination, so please keep this information up to date throughout the year as changes happen.

3. Register for District Conference

District Conference will be held Saturday, June 17, 2023 at Eastern Hills Wesleyan Church (required for all credentialed ministers). Requests to be excused are reviewed by the District Board of Administration.

Please register HERE
Request to be excused HERE

Lead Pastors Only

1. Local Church Statistical Reports

Use the same access to the TWCHub Ministerial Community to access your Local Church Stat Report.

LCSRs will open on May 15 and should be completed no later than June 12.

2. Register Your Church’s Lay Delegates

Your church has been allotted a number of lay delegates based on church membership. Check HERE for the number of delegates to elect.

3. Update Your Church Leaders in TWCHub

Update the names and contact information for all the elected and ministry leaders in your church. WATCH INSTRUCTIONAL VIDEO HERE

4. Celebrate Baptisms This Year

Report names of everyone baptized this church year and upload good quality photos and short video clips HERE