Thank you for all you are doing to shepherd your churches during this very challenging season! Our district is not holding an annual conference this year, but we will be collecting statistics from the 2019-2020 conference year.

When are stat reports due?
The reporting system will be open until the end of the day on June 30

Requesting an Admin Account
If you will not be the one filling out the report, you can request an admin account for someone else. To request an admin account, write an email to twcsupport@wesleyan.org with the person’s name and email address along with the name of your church including the district name. State that you are requesting admin access for the Local Church Statistical Report (LCSR).

How to Access the Report
To access your LCSR, log in to the same location where you completed your personal Annual Service Report (ASR): https://wes.life/BeginReporting2020
Help Page: https://www.wesleyan.org/asr-and-lcsr.instructions

Modified Worship Attendance Stats
Attendance numbers will be from June 2019 to February 2020.

Online Attendance
A new line has been added to the stat report for online attendance.
Please refer to this document for guidance:
Live Online Attendance Tracking Guidance for The Wesleyan Church.

Paycheck Protection Plan
If your church received the Paycheck Protection Program loan, that should be recorded in Line #39

We would love to have photos and video clips from your church. You can upload them here: https://www.wnydistrict.com/2020-church-reports/baptism-photos-upload/