Ministry Call and Training

It takes more than a vocational test to send you into the ministry. It takes a clear call from God that is confirmed by the Church. If you enter the ministry, do so because you are called by God, not because it fits your personality or personal likes and dislikes.” –Keith Drury, The Call of  a Lifetime, Wesleyan Publishing House 

Is God calling you to the ministry?

The pages below are designed to walk you through the process of following the path to ordination or commissioning in the Wesleyan Church.  Click the page buttons to navigate between pages.

1 Am I Called?
2 Tracks of Ministry in the Wesleyan Church 
3 I Believe I’m Called, Now What? 
4 Steps to Becoming a Wesleyan Pastor
5 Links to Wesleyan Colleges/Training
6  Contact The District Board Of Ministerial Development 
7  Forms 

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