Heart of Ministry 2014

PHOTO Heart of MinistryThis year the Wesleyan Women’s Movement is humbly asking the entire Wesleyan Church to give hope through the Heart of Ministry Offering taking place Sunday February 23, 2014. Heart of Ministry 2014 is bringing awareness to and working to end Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) in Sierra Leone, West Africa. This initiative is called Good News for Girls.

Click HERE to see the 2-minute promo video and many other free, downloadable resources.

Why care about Female Genital Mutilation (FGM)?

Because our brothers and sisters in Sierra Leone care about it and they need our help. FGM and the initiation ceremonies that surround it are physically and spiritually oppressive to millions. The Wesleyan Church in Sierra Leone has identified this issue as one of the greatest injustices facing the people they are reaching with the Gospel. Not content to sit on the sidelines any longer, the Church in Sierra Leone is rising up to answer this injustice with the truth of the Gospel – the truth that God values human life, human dignity, and physical and spiritual wholeness. Your support will help the church in Sierra Leone train leaders to address the injustice of FGM through community conversations in villages across the country. These dialogues will go beyond education to foster unity and communicate Jesus’ love.

How can we do more than just write a check?

My prayer is that we will go beyond financial support by learning, praying, giving and engaging. Go online to discover creative ways to pray, to host an awareness event, and to get involved. How can we help our people be offended, not by the idea of FGM, but by the injustice of it?

Where will our money go?

  • 60% will go to Good News for Girls
  • 20% will go to World Hope International’s new Domestic Trafficking Initiative
  • 20% will go to the Wesleyan Justice Network

All the proceeds of your sacrificial giving go directly to the ministries listed above. You will be able to give online, via text, by phone and by mail.

What resources are available?

Available online, right now, in downloadable format you can find the following:

  • A 3 minute promotional video
  • Logo, bulletin insert, flyer, PowerPoint slides
  • Ideas for prayer and an awareness event
  • A badge to share via social media
  • Resources to learn more about FGM

*These resources can also be sent to you via mail by calling or emailing our office.

As you plan ahead for your church’s or your women’s groups’ worship in February, consider including this opportunity to invest in the national church in Sierra Leone and the lives of girls. Please feel free to choose a date that is best for your church if February 24 cannot work. The Wesleyan Church in Sierra Leone understands that justice must be redeemed if we are going to be the agents of hope we are called to be, and they have invited us to join them. Thank you for prayerfully considering this opportunity.

Rev. Andrea Summers
Director of Women’s Ministry
CMAD Division – The Wesleyan Church
(317) 774-3891